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Children have always had a fascination with science and engineering. One of the favorite questions that has been asked from kids is “how does that work?” From an early age, kids are fixated on what makes things work and are interested in finding the answer. That’s why our after-school group has been formed to help encourage children to find out “how does that work?”

Our group led by area educators in the science and math fields understand the importance of education in our world. Children at a young age have a natural fascination and it is our task to help mold them and teach them how to learn. In addition, careers in the science, technology, engineering, arts and math fields (STEAM) are areas of growth for teenagers looking towards the future.

A career in one of the STEAM areas are currently very popular, and it is expected to continue to be in the coming years. Some of the careers that are involved in the STEAM area are Software Developers, Physicians Assistant, Computer Systems Analyst and Civil Engineer. All of these are also among the biggest areas of employment opportunities. USNews.com has compiled a list of the 30 Best STEM jobs, which provides a listing of some possible jobs for STEAM students.

Because of the need for students to study the STEAM fields, we began our after-school group several years ago. We originally began as a STEM club, but a couple of years ago we expanded the offering to also focus on the arts. Over the years we have had hundreds of students come through our program, and we are pleased to mention that several have gone on to study in one of the STEAM areas and pursue related career paths.

One of the ways we have encouraged students is by partnering with several local school districts and communities in sponsoring our Spring Science Fair. The fair has been successful in bringing out the best of our local students in coming up with great ideas. Our Science Fair has been only in existence for three years but has grown each year.

Thanks for visiting our website and join us in encouraging students to learn more about STEAM!