Science Fair Information

This April will be a co-sponsor of the Tri-County Science Fair. The Science Fair will be held in conjunction with the schools in the three counties as well as with businesses and local media. The past few years has seen increased participation and attendance, and this years should be one of the best ones ever! Specific information will be given to the school districts that are involved, including date, time and location.

But, in anticipation of the upcoming fair, we would like to provide some general science fair information such as providing ideas and other useful facts. We hope this information is useful to students, parents and others interested in our Science Fair.

Science Fair Central – Useful website which provides visitors with information that can be helpful in STEAM related projects and ideas.

Science Fair Project Ideas – This website contains over 2,000 free science fair project ideas for younger children.

Top Science Fair Projects – Listing of the top 100 ideas for students to attempt at science fairs.

Science Fair Project Ideas and Tools – Nice website that contains answers to common science fair questions and listing ideas for students.

Science Fair Projects World – On this website you will find science fair ideas and projects. All are free and have illustrations of the projects. Projects are for students from elementary through high school age.

Ideas for Science Fair Projects – A number of ideas for your science projects are listed by grade level.

High School Science Fair Projects – General information on how to plan and execute a science fair project for high school students.

Guide to Planning a Science Fair – Information on how to plan a science fair based on STEAM education.

Project Planning for a Science Fair – Helpful website that offers project planning help for a solar project. But, it could be useful for other projects as well.

Code of Ethics – Information from the International Academy of Science on how people should conduct themselves in the scientific community.

We will try to update this page with more information on the Science Fair as the event gets closer. In the meantime, contact your local High School Science Department for more information, which will also be provided to your student.