STEM and STEAM Resources

The 21st Century has seen a major shift in the focus of education of our children. The older focus was on the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. While these are still very important for our children to learn in order as an adult, it is not the most important for a future career. The new focus is on the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). And in recent years arts have been added to the field of focus (STEAM).

The curriculum that is included in the STEM and STEAM areas will help prepare students for the future. The careers in these areas are some of the fastest growing jobs today and in the near future. By educating students in these areas, they will be well equipped to tackle college and careers.

However, while STEM and STEAM are areas of the future for students, there is still room for improvement. Presently girls are not going into these areas, and educators, including us at, are working on programs to get girls excited about STEM and STEAM. With all of the efforts, we hope this increases involvement of girls at a young age.

But what is STEM and STEAM? We have put together a number of helpful web sites that talks about these areas. We hope this helps you understand and learn more about it.

Resources for STEM Education – Great information about STEM from the National Science Foundation.

STEM Resources – Helpful page from the National Educational Association providing resources about STEM.

STEM Education Resources – Website which contains free educational resources to promote STEM with students.

Center for STEM Education – Educational web page which has resources and information about STEM education.

STEAM Resources – This useful website describes what STEAM entails and provides information and resources.

STEAM Education Resources – Information on STEAM education along with resources and downloadable items.

STEAM Resources for Teachers – Helpful educational page for teachers which offers information about STEAM.

STEM 4 Girls – This website is aimed at providing information on how to get girls interested in the STEM field.

STEM for Girls – Website that talks about the importance and advantages of getting girls involved in STEM.